A History of Excellence

Partner with Northeast Test Consultants

Northeast Test Consultants has provided the Westbrook and Portland, Maine community with exceptional industrial hygiene consulting services for more than 30 years. Though we've certainly evolved over the years, we're still committed to delivering our services with honesty and integrity. When you call or email us to inquire about our variety of testing and assessment services, we'll send you a free quote that will serve as a contract and ensure you get the services requested at a price you approved. Our reports include an overview of the services provided, sample data, photograph log and recommendations.

Ensure Your Workplace Is Safe

Work with certified technicians

The team of certified technicians at Northeast Test Consultants are equipped to perform a multitude of testing and assessments to determine the safety of your building or workplace, including:

•Indoor air quality testing
•Asbestos testing and consulting
•Hazardous material assessments
•Workplace safety audits for OSHA compliance
•Personal exposure monitoring
•Mold inspections and testing

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